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Advancing Non-Profit Health Care
Membership in the Alliance

Membership in the Alliance is open to all nonprofit healthcare organizations that are interested in and committed to preserving and advancing the performance of nonprofit healthcare financing and delivery in our country.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to all the information contained on the Alliance's website, including the Resources section, which will soon be closed to a members-only area, where the Alliance distributes to members a variety of news, research reports, public education materials, advocacy information and performance improvement-related resources.
  • Opportunities to serve on the board of directors and committees to help set priorities and to develop and/or implement research, public education, advocacy and performance enhancement initiatives of the Alliance
  • Conferences of the membership for educational, networking and/or other purposes
  • Monthly newsletters to keep you updated on key developments and accomplishments
  • Participation in the only national organization speaking as one strong and persistent voice for nonprofit healthcare

Public and investor-owned organizations have their organized groups to carry their banners and to protect and represent their interests. You need yours!

Membership in the Alliance is free for the first year.  Beginning in year two, the annual dues are scaled to the size of the organization.

For more information, please contact Bruce McPherson at