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Advancing Non-Profit Health Care

2007 NCQA Quality Rankings Show Again That Most Top-Quality HMOS are Nonprofit

11.5.07 The Future of Property-Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Health Care Organizations
9.20.07 Alliance Requests Congressional Leaders' Help in Clarifying IRS Form 990 Redesign
9.12.07 Alliance Comments to the IRS on its Proposed Redesign of Form 990
7.02.07 Alliance Brief: State Tax Exemption Standards with Quantitiative Thresholds for Nonprofit Health Care Organizations
6.18.07 Alliance Summary and Preliminary Analysis of the IRS Proposed Redesign of Form 990 for Tax-Exempt Health Care and Other Organizations
6.11.07 Alliance Comment Letter to Chairman Kennedy, Senate HELP Committee, on the "Wired for Health Care Quality Act"
5.31.07 Alliance Commentary: Health IT Integral to Reform
3.29.07 Alliance Testimony on Health Information Technology to the Labor, Health and Human Services Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee
3.19.07 Effective Advocacy a Must for Nonprofit Health Care Organizations
3.14.07 Alliance Position on Making Health IT a Reality in the U.S. A Key Missing Ingredient in Health
3.13.07 Nonprofit Health Care and Insurance: Protecting the Public Interest
2.14.07 Reform of the Federal Tax Exemption Requirements for Nonprofit Hospitals
1.29.07 Alliance Comments on the Independent Sector Nonprofit Panel's Proposed Principles for Self-Regulation
9.13.06 Alliance Testimony on Hospital Tax Exemption Reform, September 13, 2006 Senate Finance Committee Hearing
7.25.06 Alliance Special Briefing on the Ohio AG's Proposed Extensive Regulation of Charitable Health Care and Other Organizations
6.26.06 Alliance E-Letter to the Health Affairs Editor on the June 20, 2006 Web-exclusive Article, "How Nonprofits Matter in U.S. Medicine," and Three Other Perspectives 
5.9.06 National Coalition Letter to the Senate Opposing the Enzi Bill (S.1955, "Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act")
5.3.06 Lewin Group Report on the Impacts of the Enzi Bill on the Small Group Insurance Markets in Community Rated States
5.1.06 Kenneth Thorpe Analysis of Impacts of the Enzi Bill
4.28.06 Summary Report of a Consumer Poll on the Enzi Bill
4.26.06 Summary and Analysis of the Independant Sector Nonprofit Panel's April 2006 Supplemental Report to the Congress
4.4.06 Denial of Premera Blue Cross Request to Convert to For-profit Status Upheld on Appeal
11.18.05 Alliance Comment Letter on IRS Proposed Regulations for Determining Whether a 501(c)(3) Organization Should Retain its Tax Exempt Status in Cases Involving a Private Benefit or Excess Benefit Transaction(s)
8.9.05 Guidelines on Medicaid Reform
7.1.05 Summary and Analysis of the Independent Sector Nonprofit Panel's June 2005 Report to the Congress on Charitable Organizations
6.15.05 Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of the Washington State Insurance Commissioner's Denial of Nonprofit Premera Blue Cross Application to Convert to For-profit Status
5.26.05 Testimony on Hospital Tax Exemption, House Ways and Means Committee