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Public Education Campaigns

The Alliance has been regularly running ads to educate the public about the unique role, responsibilities and performance of nonprofit healthcare organizations in the U.S. Three series of ads have been run thus far.

The first series communicated a simple, clear emotional message about the value of nonprofit healthcare, aimed at policymakers (CQ Weekly and National Journal) and health care professionals (Modern Healthcare). In a research study of an issue of Modern Healthcare, the Alliance’s ads received the highest readership ratings.

The second series communicated the benefits of nonprofit healthcare with empirical evidence, aimed at not only policymakers (CQ Weekly, National Journal and Roll Call) and healthcare professionals (Modern Healthcare, AM News and Health Leaders) but also Wall Street (Crain’s NY Business, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Harpers).

For its third series, just completed, the Alliance experimented with ads at morning and evening drive time on National Public Radio’s "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition". The results of this latest series are being evaluated as part of the planning process for the next ad series.

Copies of the most recent hard copy ads are posted below.
Individuals and organizations can request approval from the Alliance for use of any of the Alliance’s ads in their own public education efforts by contacting Bob Killian, bob@killianadvertising.com.

Click on any of the ads below to see them in an enlarged Acrobat PDF format.

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